about me

I currently work in the healthcare IT industry, and I am more broadly interested in the use of technology in affecting societal change and increasing efficiency, especially in urban government. My particular focus is in data collection, transparency, and effective presentation, and I have demonstrated my skill with gathering high-quality data in a number of contexts and producing analyses and deliverables for widely varying audiences. This couples with my broader passion for creating and promoting a better user experience in and through technology. At Epic, I centered my software testing work on improving the usability of our clinical software by participating in user testing (remote and in-person) and creating better documentation resources.

My graduate work in urban planning focused on urban food access. In my master's thesis, I performed a preliminary analysis of the feasibility of various alternative food access methods in a low-income community on Chicago's South Side. I also drafted a manuscript on my research on food access metrics, providing a critical overview of major existing metrics and defining a framework for more effective food access measurement, which is currently in the peer-review process for scholarly publication.

interests and specialties


urban planning